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Dominick's Restaurant
Serving Homemade, Family-Style
Italian Meals since 1980

About Our Italian Restaurant in Syracuse, New York

Why not have the best homemade Italian food without the work? Dominick's Restaurant in Syracuse, New York, does it all for you. Dinners here are prepared with fresh products delivered daily. Ponder your homemade Italian food choices while enjoying a cocktail from our fine selection.

Thinking of an Appetizer?

Start with the freshly made tomato pie. Every ingredient is chopped, mixed, and sliced by hand and made to order. Smell the freshly chopped tomatoes and basil as you await your prize.

Brick Oven-Baked Pizzas

All ingredients we use are fresh in our specialty, gourmet, and traditional pizzas made in a stone brick oven. We use a special recipe to make our own sauce, dough, and sausage.
Pizza - Pizza Restaurant in Syracuse, NY
Grilled Chicken - Pizza Restaurant in Syracuse, NY

Homemade Dressings & Sauces

Our traditional secretly prepared sauces are a delight to the palate. We make homemade pasta sauce, marinara sauce, chicken riggies sauce, pizza sauce, cocktail sauce, honey mustard sauce, and wing sauce. Add any of these to your favorite entrée.
Our renowned homemade Italian dressing is a secret that we love to share when you dine with us, but we will not share the recipe. In addition, we prepare ranch, Caesar, Russian, and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressings for you to enjoy and savor on your quest for homemade flavor.

Home of the Best Meatballs & Soups

We are the leader in the market for homemade meatballs. Hand-rolled and baked to perfection, our meatballs have a taste you will never forget and will soon draw you back for more. Also, don't miss out on our homemade Italian sausage, a special recipe that cannot be duplicated or surpassed.
Just to speak of the soups? Mama mia! We have traditional minestrone, pasta fagioli, and an additional soup du jour simmered to perfection daily. On Friday, the New England clam chowder is a classic.
Pasta with Meatballs - Pizza Restaurant in Syracuse, NY

Pop to the Pastry Shop

Italian bread? Are you kidding? All our bread is hand-prepared and baked to perfection. This includes Italian, rye, whole wheat, pumpernickel, and of course, all our subs and rolls. Our pizza dough is mixed and kneaded for that perfect pizza pie.
Chef Preparing the Food - Pizza Restaurant in Syracuse, NY

Sweet Tooth?

All our desserts are prepared on the premises daily, available for everyday purchases or specialty orders. We have pies, cakes, Italian cookies, tortonis, brownies, almond horns, éclairs, and half-moons, plus many more options. Strawberry shortcake with homemade baking powder biscuits? Oh yeah, now that's a strawberry shortcake! Take a look at the coconut macaroons! Made from the finest, top-quality ingredients, our pastries spare no expense to bring you the best.

Finishing Touch

Top off your dessert or dinner with some of our coffee, made from our own roasted coffee bean recipe, plain or with added flavors.

Let's Talk Price

When it comes to price, we always remember Dominick's motto: "It is far better to receive a nickel from six people than a quarter from one."
Contact us at our Italian restaurant in Syracuse, New York, for more information on homemade Italian food for dining in or takeout.